We are happy to announce our second performance of our evening length dance piece, “On her shoulders”.


Saturday 5th of November 2022
8 pm

Theater Wasserburg
Salzburger Straße 15
83512 Wasserburg am Inn

Pictures by Marie Pietruschka

The piece "On her shoulders" by Finja Kelpe and the artist collective "Visitors" is a powerful mixture of contemporary dance and song that explores the paradoxes and boundaries of the world of work and consumption. Nine dancers and a singer immerse themselves in the mind of a supermarket cashier, look for people in a de-individualised system, and pose the question: What happens when the outer and inner worlds collide? An anarchical energy emerges, fuelled by opposites, optimism and impotence, rigidity and lightness, 90s music and a powerful performance that calls into question the absurdity of modern capitalism.

Premiere night at Hamburger Sprechwerk  

Thanks to everyone that took part on such a special evening <3

Pictures by Marie Pietruschka


Visitorscollective is a collective of emerging dancers that create dance pieces for live performance and dance films. Visitorscollective gives these dancers the opportunity to come together, share idea, research, create and support each other in every step during creation.

VCP001         Musicvideo for Amy Ayanda

"Blurring the lines between electronica, jazz and experimental-pop, Cape Town’s favourite multimedia artist and songstress Amy Ayanda delivers a beautifully crafted video for “Visitors” featuring an array of performing dancers during a day-setting, before bursting into a radiant, fluorescent neon-lit dancefloor casting shadows upon synchronized theatrics."

RedBull.com, 25.09.2019; 10 Aesthetically Appealing Music Videos; Written by Shannon Lawlor

VCP002         Dance Short Film "The F-Word"

“The F-Word” is based on a contemporary dance solo. The Film displays the internal process within a woman of dealing with her role in womanhood and highlights one aspect of feminism. The story follows her path from confusion to frustration until liberation.



VCP003 ANONYM  Conceptvideo 

ANONYM is a videographic representation of the statement: I am who I am and I have no name. Our focus rests on the absence of an openly-displayed individuality and the uniformity of a crowd – both in appearance and in movement. While at the same time, half-covered–or perhaps half-revealed–faces invite the viewer to wait for more and tempts them with the all-too-common desire to break the anonymity of others while preserving one’s own. The anonymous dancers’ central means of personal expression is the dance itself, whose black-and-white synchronicity allows their appearance to stand out from our gaudy-colorful society and personalized lived realities.

Direction & choreography: Finja Kelpe

Dancers: Franzi Wagner, Maren „Funky Mae“ Wittig, Verena Eccardt

D.o.P: Moritz Carstens

1st AC: Norbert Buschek

Costume: Corvera Vargas, Cayambe Hutmanufaktur

Music/Songtext: Beti Cham - Glory

Graphic design: kimera, Michael Clasen

Post-production: Finja Kelpe, Verena Eccardt

Text: Eileen Kelpe

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the program NEUSTART KULTUR, aid program DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland